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What Should SUV Tyre Pressure Be?

Having the correct tyre pressure is crucial in regard to efficiency, safety, and a variety of other driving factors.

Tips & advice for car and suv tyres

How to check tyre pressure on your SUV?

  • • Start by inserting the pressure gauge into the valve stem on your tyre
  • • The gauge will pop out and display a number that reflects the internal pressure in the psi number.
  • • You will hear a hissing sound at this stage. This is air escaping from the tyre. Carrying out this check for a short amount of time will not have a considerable effect on the tyre pressure, unless you hold the gauge down for too long.
  • • Cross-check the psi which you have measured with the recommended psi.*
  • • If the number displayed is higher than the recommended, release some air. Alternatively, if the number is less, add air, to bring the pressure up to the optimum psi.

*The recommended tyre pressure can be found in a variety of places: in the vehicle owner’s manual, a sticker on the driver’s door, a sticker on the passenger’s door, or the fuel tank door. However, do not use the number that is printed on the tyre’s sidewall, as this is not indicative of the required pressure.

Ultimately, the tyre pressure suitable for your car will depend on your manufacturer. For assistance, visit our extensive advice guide, which includes a range of manufacturers and recommended tyre pressures. There are a variety of factors and conditions which can alter your car tyre’s pressure. On a hot summer’s day, even when a car is parked, psi can rise by ten units. Meanwhile, if you happen to be driving a fully loaded seven-seater SUV, with seven passengers, psi will certainly requirement adjustment. For any queries, either consult your manufactures vehicle manual, or contact your local Michelin dealership, who will be more than happy to help with any questions.


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