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The reference tyre on the Porsche Cayenne, and approved for the highest performing road 4x4 vehicles!


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Developed in close partnership with Porsche. Michelin has been Porsche’s “Worldwide Cooperation Partner” since 2002

Approved for original equipment fitment for the Audi Q3 and Q5, Porsche Cayenne, Honda CRV, Mercedes Classes GL, AMG Classe M, Volkswagen Touareg, Volvo XC60 and Range Rover Evoque.


Auto Picto over the edge Tyres

Michelin's unique motorsport know-how has been used in the development of the MICHELIN Latitude Sport

Derived directly from motosport technology, the tread pattern and compounds of MICHELIN Pilot Sport PS2 have been used in the MICHELIN Latitude Sport.

Auto Picto over the edge Tyres

A specific 4x4 sport tyre construction

More than simply an extension of the MICHELIN Pilot Sport PS2 range, MICHELIN Latitude Sport must also overcome the challenges brought about by 4x4 sports vehicles: larger and heavier tyres needing higher load carrying capacity at speeds similar to those of the fastest saloon cars.

The challenge: to maintain maximum contact between the tyre and the road despite the tyre deformation associated with its weight and rotational speed.

The solution: to overcome this additional deformation found in 4x4 sports tyres, MICHELIN Latitude Sport's construction features:

varying spaces 441x119

A specific 4x4 sport construction

A zero degree belt with variable spacing limits the deformation across the tread and allows a more uniform pressure.

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48 reviews
4 / 5

Great handling, short life

CMattGo - April 10, 2017

Smooth ride, very quiet, sharp cornering on our 2015 Audi Q5. I was a bit shocked to find they're only warranted up to 20,000 miles though. Michelin rep recommended replacing with the Pilot Sport A/S 3, warranted for 30K mi.

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  • Performance
2 / 5

Poor Treadlife

NiceguyMike - December 13, 2016

These tires came on my 2015 Ford Escape Titanium. I was pretty excited to have a new set of Michelin's. I was not impressed with the winter performance. We live in West Michigan near the lake and we can get some decent amounts of snow. I brought it in for an oil change at 18,000 miles and the check sheet said I had to replace the tires soon! The service manager rechecked the tires and said tread depth was 5/32", no uneven wear, no cupping - just worn out. He said he has only warrantied a set of tires 2 times in 7 years of working there. They are working on getting replacements under warranty. I hope I can pick different tires.

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4 / 5


thePAINTITguy - May 1, 2015

I read the warranty and understand they're not "lifetime" tires but for my Lincoln MKT, they're OUTSTANDING! I've had them ONE DAY and I'm prepared to swear by them tonight after putting the SUV back in the garage. I can say that because I just returned from having the Pilot AS3's removed. I bought them a month ago to replace an inferior brand that bit the dust (due to splits in the sidewalls) and REALLY hated them. They were OUTRAGEOUSLY loud. Michelin stands by their products and replaced the Pilots with Latitude Sports (an upcharge to me, but well worth the cost!!). I'm THRILLED. They're strong, grippy as heck (if I can use that word?) and Q-U-I-E-T. I pulled out of the Lincoln dealer and knew instantaneously that I was on the right track with these Latitude Sports! When they wear out, I'll plunk down another handful of change and buy another set! Thank you, Michelin. Could not be happier!!!!!!!!!!!

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    235/55 R17 99V TL

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