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Train up, advance and boost your performance on the circuit!

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Get ready to dominate the track by using your tyres to their full potential!

Before you start, the MICHELIN Track Connect application will recommend the correct pressure for your vehicle. Then, accelerate with confidence and take pleasure in every bend. Monitor the pressure and temperature of your tyres in real time, then compare your performance with that of our entire community around the world.
Advance. Discover the driver inside.

How does it work?

MICHELIN Track Connect:  one app with a number of different uses!

Achieving optimal driving performance is now within reach of the entire community of circuit driving enthusiasts: whether you are an amateur or professional driver.

Track Connect: first connected coaching system | Michelin

One single application for 3 different modes!

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The latest version of the MICHELIN Track Connect solution is now compatible with vehicles not fitted with connected tyres.
Depending on the level of driving performance analysis you are looking for and on your vehicle, 3 modes are available:

Leisure mode

Can be used for all types of circuit vehicles. Offers a better circuit experience thanks to automatic timing and replay mode.

Expert mode

Exclusive to vehicles fitted with MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tyres. Requires the installation of the MICHELIN Track Connect kit, which consists of 4 sensors and a transmitter box. Find a dealer near you

Motorsport mode

Specially designed for competition. Discover all its functionalities on MICHELIN Motorsport website.


Closely follow your performance!

Derived from the technologies used by Michelin in motor racing and co-developed with members of the Porsche Club, the MICHELIN Track Connect solution supports you at every stage of your circuit runs.

before the run


The MICHELIN Track Connect solution recommends the optimum pressure depending on your vehicle, your use (road or track) and the weather conditions on the ground.

during the run


A detailed display of color-coded pressure and temperature values allows you to see if your tyres are in their optimal use zone in real time.
A behaviour level indicator shows the evolution of your vehicle's balance (on/under tack) as a pressure evolution function. A stopwatch completes the system.

after the run


You can view, compare and share the data recorded during the different runs in the mobile application.
You know exactly what adjustments to make to tyre pressure before you get behind the wheel.

The illustrated functions are from the Expert mode of the MICHELIN Track Connect application.

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How to install MICHELIN Track Connect

MICHELIN® Track Connect - Full Version

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