• Crossover - SUV - 4X4


  • Crossover - SUV - 4X4

The expert at overcoming obstacles

• Traction and bite in extreme conditions
• Tough enough for anything
• More extensive conditions of use


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car infographic key benefit 1

Traction and bite in extreme conditions

- Aggressive, deep tread pattern
• for excellent traction on muddy ground.

- Massive tread blocks which are rigid and widely spaced
• for improved selfcleaning.

- Offset angular tread blocks at the shoulders
• for maximum bite on slopes.

- Driving on loose surfaces (sand etc.)
• the radial casing allows inflation pressures to be reduced
to below 15 PSI for use on loose surfaces *.

*ask your dealer for details

car infographic key benefit 2

Tough enough for anything

- Metal breaker-strip plies on the crown.

- Triple protective rib on the sidewalls.

- Double polyester high strength carcass ply.
for excellent resistance against punctures, crown damage and shocks.

- Selected by emergency services for extreme conditions and several armed
forces worldwide.

car infographic key benefit 3

More extensive conditions of use

Range extended with 4 ribs tread design for more versability.

• Better road-holding on wet surfaces.
• More regular wear.
• Greater comfort through reduced noise.

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