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Relive the magic of the Festival of Motoring 2023

Festival of Motoring 2023 was a heart-pounding, tyre-gripping, high-octane extravaganza. It was the sixth instalment of this amazing event at the prestigious Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, and now it's time to take a journey back through our experience as the VIP Hospitality partner.

Recapture the 2023 Festival of Motoring Magic

If you missed out on the adrenaline-fueled spectacle that was Festival of Motoring 2023 at the renowned Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, fear not! You can catch all the heart-pounding, tyre-gripping, high-octane action by watching the recap.

As the VIP Hospitality partner, we invite you to take a nostalgic journey through our event gallery, where you'll discover a treasure trove of memories. It's a showcase of the unwavering passion of motoring enthusiasts and the unforgettable moments that left us all breathless. Don't miss this opportunity to relive the excitement!

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Where rubber met the track 

The main track was the heart of the action, with thrilling Michelin-branded supercars tearing up the asphalt. Fitted with our Pilot Sport 5 and Pilot Sport 4 S tyres, these machines have the grip and performance to leave you breathless.

Festival of Motoring - Interview 1

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Did you miss the chance to explore the stars of the show? You can still learn more about our performance tyres on our product pages.

Precision at every turn

At Michelin, we’re all about precision and safety. The ride, handling and braking capabilities of our tyres are renowned, and at the event we showcased the art of stopping on a dime. We also demonstrated the science behind our cutting-edge tyres that grip the road like never before.


Festival of Motoring - Track Experience Interview 2

The future of sustainability

The future of motoring is electric, and we’re leading the charge. In the EV village at the festival, we put the future of sustainability into motion with our long-lasting    e-Primacy tyres. It isn't just a tyre; it’s a statement about our dedication to the future.

EV Test Drives At Festival of Motoring

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Michelin-starred flavours at the track

Taste buds were delighted with culinary treats from Michelin-trained Chef Wandile Mabaso. His artistry in the kitchen was a match for the precision on the track.


Where art meets sustainability

We also witnessed a masterpiece in chocolate. Chef Wandile Mabaso and his team crafted a Michelin Man sculpture entirely from expired chocolate, a testament to our commitment to sustainability.

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Social buzz and influencer love


Explore the buzz generated by the event on social media. Dive into posts and videos from influencers who shared their experiences.

We hope you enjoyed celebrating the art of motoring, innovation, and unforgettable experiences with us. It was a showcase of excellence, and we were delighted to share it with you.

Thank you for joining us at the track, and we hope the memories made will last a lifetime. 

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