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  • Passenger car- High performance sedans

For the sports and roadster segment

You’ll enjoy it: it delivers excellent roadholding when cornering!


The information provided on the website including but not limited to the performance grading information may vary from the ones obtained according to the applicable legislation in your country ; the actual information is available on the statutory labeling of your country.


MICHELIN Pilot Exalto offers you truly excellent grip and precision steering when cornering


Auto Picto vcp Tyres

The VCP (Variable Contact Patch) increases the area of tread in contact with the road as cornering force increases

MICHELIN Pilot Exalto has equipped production versions of rally cars from its launch.

Auto Picto vcp Tyres

New rubber compound developed with ALM (Adheseion and Longevity Maximised) technology

Auto Picto tread pattern Tyres

Water dispersal is maximised by an asymmetric tread pattern with a variable groove to rubber ratio across the tread

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41 reviews
5 / 5

Classic 911

Carrera - December 2, 2015

Very smooth, silky quiet ride that does not get harsh as the tires wear, sidewall is stiff enough to give good response when pushed but compliant for the street. Pretty much all tires are smooth when new what sets these apart is their ability to maintain the ride quality and feel down to the tread war bar. Simply still the best. A word to Michelin; please don't stop making them.

    4 / 5

    Would buy again

    NSXStockyy - June 24, 2014

    Loves these tires. They dont have them anymore for my size so i replaced with the Super Sports. In my opinion the Exalto PE2's lasted at least 25k-30k miles. Loved the tire, was way more comfortable and smooth than the Super Sports despite the rating. These tires are plenty awesome in dry performance but seem just a tiny bit worse in the west than the Super Sports. I would have bought again just because they are excellent performance and god comfort. Some complain of MPG drop, but my MPG was exactly the same and at the best for what the vehicle can get.

      4 / 5

      Nice grip; lower mileage

      FrankieG - December 1, 2013

      Hi. I replaced my OEM tires with these Michelin tires because they were recommended by my trusted tire store. Initially, I was VERY happy with the tires...quiet, smooth with good traction. Then I filled up my car & found that my gas mileage went from 30 MPG to 25 MPG. Not happy with that stat at all. I did go back up to 28 MPG on a LONG Thanksgiving trip from NY to DC, but I'll be looking to see what the mileage number looks like when I return back to normal driving. Be safe out there & remember that we're all in this together. Peace, FG

        Do you own this tyre?
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        2 sizes available for this tyre


        205/55 ZR16 91Y TL
        Section Width 205
        Height 55
        Rim Diameter 16
        Load 91
        Speed Y
        225/50 ZR16 92Y TL
        Section Width 225
        Height 50
        Rim Diameter 16
        Load 92
        Speed Y


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